Welcome to Nutrition & Dietetics

The Nutrition & Dietetics Program provides students the opportunity to gain practical and science-based knowledge about the relationship between food and health. Our goal is for students to distinguish between nutrition fact and myth, and also for students to implement sound nutrition advice for enhancing health and lowering their risk of chronic diseases. We offer courses in elementary nutrition, nutrition and diet therapy, child nutrition, sports nutrition, weight control, as well as other nutrition-related areas.

Enroll in FDNT 70 - Intro to Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Service. You'll learn about the history of the profession, related government agencies, resources, opportunities in this exciting field, and more.

An associate degree in Nutrition & Dietetics may be earned by students who plan to continue their studies in nutrition at a four-year college/university for a bachelor's degree in dietetics, nutrition science or clinical nutrition. A bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university is required by the American Dietetic Association for application to hospital internships and to become certified as a Registered Dietitian (RD). As a RD, an individual will have the opportunity to work in hospitals, food service companies, healthcare agencies, and many other areas requiring nutrition counseling.

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